A World United in a spectacular Event!

It all started when the former chairman of the Panamenian Committee WBO, Mr. Luis Pitti Sagrera, together with the German Entrepeneur Detlef Tursies decided to set up a special title open to all countries around the world - Miss Globe.

The WBO accepted then, until media-wise established by the CEO of Europe, to give the MISS GLOBE title annually and each year within their already very recognized modelling competition Top Model of the World.

"There was an increase of very beautiful contestants which had absolutely Model abilities but also a perfect face, a great body and a very well behaviour" says Detlef Tursies. Attributes of a real beauty queen. 

While the honorable Jury usually is looking only for Model abilities, we started to select during the Top Model of the World contest also the most beautiful delegate from all participating countries as the new MISS GLOBE. Candidates selected from every country were going to be able to pit themselves against one another within a framework of an official contest.

The MISS GLOBE was born and launched when Juliete Janaine Beraldo de Pieri from Brazil was elected as the first winner 2010 in Usedom....during the festival of the annual Top Model of the World pageant. The dream of being regarded as the most beautiful was going to become a reality!

A major touristic springboard

Each touristic visit of the delegations to the main sights of the national heritage is an exceptional booster to tourism in the country. The final is not only an opportunity to highlight sights and the culture of the country but also its folklore, the craft industry and local cuisine.

The developement of friendship between countries

The competition serves as a means of bringing countries closer together, in the same way that sporting events do, when united by the same stakes. It represents an opportunity to share universal values and define together a common ideal of elegance and beauty. The conditions will be such as to promote friendship. Cocktail parties, official receptions and the gala dinner will bring together the officials of the host country, the representatives of the different delegations, stars and the media. Twenty-five languages will be spoken over the fortnight of festivities ruled by conviviality and rich in multicultural exchanges.

MiSS GLOBE is based on the following objectives:

- to look for elegance, face and figure

- to open up and develope friendship between different countries

- to promote the cultural heritage of the host country

In 2010 fourtythree countries participate for the title MISS GLOBE. In 2011 and 2012 were over 46 countries participating. 2013 the pageant was Held in Egypt with winner Savannah Walker and 2014 as well in Egypt with winner Anronet Roelofsz out of 48 countries. In 2015 the pageant was staged for the third time in El Gouna (Egypt) and with 48 contestants. Stunning winner was Stephany Pim from Brazil. With her Charm and her gorgeous Smile she ruled quickly the hearts of the Judges. The MISS GLOBE 2016 was elected in Bremen/Germany and found with the winner Alejandra Ochoa a gorgeous successor. On first runner up the Brazilian Model Emmanuelle Costa was following. 

2017 the pageant returned to El Gouna with gorgeous winner Nora Muja from Kosovo. With its fortnight of festivities, receptions and fashion shows, the event enjoys such prestige that it invariably falls under the patronage of the tourist and cultural authorities of the host country.

A prestigious event and a unique contest.

By being nominated Miss Globe, the candidate becomes an ambassador for her country while the other candidates benefit from the extraordinary notoriety of the contest. The contest will train them to the art of stage and perfomrance serving as a real professional springboard.

The experience of the World Beauty Organization and the quality ofits unique net of correspondants in many countries have been approached by other organisations to help them organize and plan their own elections.


The "MISS GLOBE" is an international beauty pageant registered in various countries especial in all european countries and at the "european patent and trademark office" in Alicante (Spain). Any infringement will be prosecuted by law!