Corporation Info

The World Beauty Organization, produces the annual TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD ® Pageants is a full service and year-round, international company.

Very few "brands" or entertainment properties reach the 24th anniversaries, let alone with strenght, influence and lot of energy. Our Organization is an exeption. We are providing the opportunities, training, career and life experiences, both for women´s and men´s lives to be personally enriched, with a year-round organization that helps them in all their aspects in their own personal goals.

Our delegates are a combination of intelligence and beauty, fashion oriented and open minded. As perfect role models, they are an unique example for the youth and their goals and views.

Our focus of the Pageant is to produce excellent shows, "first class" entertainment. Our productions will better represent the women and men who are part of them. We add important and topical segments and symbols of each host country to show it to millions of people around the globe. 

With representatives worldwide our company is staffed by directors and specialists in the fields of beauty and modelling. Therefor we are able to reach every country and state in the world.


Our Team

1. Neila Suarez (President)

2. Pedro Penalver (Legal)

3. Aranxta Quiroz (Administrative)


Director of the Show - Mr. Torsten Galts (Germany/Australia)

Choreographer and Showdirector of the WBO

Around the World well known as passionate choreographer for Fashion-Shows, TV-Shows and pageants. Leading Fashion Designers like Giorgio Armani, Wolfgang Joop, Nino Cerutti or Gianni Versace, just to name a few, worked with him for the fashion weeks in Milan (Italy) between 1987 and 1993.

In 1995, the WBO offered him to choreograph the final show of Top Model of the World and Miss Globe.

In 2017 Torsten is celebrating his 36nd anniversary on stage.